Art is universally recognised as one of the 5 major common languages in the world. The others are politic, money, sport and sexual affection. The sphere of art is very wide, cake decoration is just part of it.

Nowadays, people's attitude towards cake is no more limited to "it is just a piece of cake for eating". On the contrary, they hope that the theme of celebration, whether it is a wedding or birthday, or their special favourite in certain things, or even the message they want to convey and the significance they would like to emphasize, will be reflected or shown via a piece of special designed cake decoration. This is the main factor why the art of cake decoration appears so significant today.

However, to decorate a cake that is delicate and full of distinctive features, the following conditions must be satisfied: nimble mind, adroit skills and selection of suitable tools.

If you are willing to learn, it is not difficult to possess nimble mind and adroit skills. Through understanding the Master of cake decoration, Tan See Fong, not only will you have the chance to know the development prospect and value of cake decorating art, you will also have the opportunity to stride your first step towards the field of cake decoration, or even achieve greater height based on existing foundation via the books, VCDs and special designed moulds introduced here.

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